Spokaaaaane if ya gottem!

Yes, I am alive & kicking. Life is good; and there has been a TON of listener support and E-mail from y’all wishing me the best and to just keep on truckin’. What a wondrous twenty years (20) rockin’ this town around the FM dial, and I owe it all to YOU. UPDATE POSTED 11-11 SEE *PRESS RELEASE*

currently making room for all 32 giant foam fingers

currently making wall-space 20 giant foam fingers

The key ingredients that have made my stays at 106, 105.7, 107.3, 790, 1060, 1080, 1400, & 94.5 most remarkable, is YOU. You made the show. So Cheers! Looking forward to the eventual ‘big return’ in one form or fashion…. who knows? Only the Shadow.

To commemorate where we’ve been (and perhaps a clue to where we’ll be going), I have saved a little “snapshot” of our times together; ROCK-STARS, INTERVIEWS, ARCHIVES, AND PHOTOS… SEE WHAT A GREAT RIDE IT’S BEEN!


9 Responses to “WE’RE OK!”

  1. You’re #1 Geoff, Now and 4 evermore.. so Keep Pointing those FOAMY fingers UP, That’s where you’re headed!!

    Good luck and Success in your New beginning..

  2. Liz says:

    best of luck in whatever that new beginning is.
    I seem to remember someone telling me that one door never closes without another opening. Yes, I know that’s incredibly cheesy, but it’s also something I’ve found to be true in my own life.

  3. PhunBobby says:

    Sad to see (or is it hear) you off the air (for now), as you are one of THE rock legends in this town and it’s been a nice ride @ the 1/2. I’m a long time listener and knowing your interest of aviation was a common thread. I’m pretty sure my first ever radio station call in was to you WAY back!! ;-)

    I had strayed from the rock scene a bit but the format of the 1/2 brought me back… that and the kick ass DJ’s that MADE the listeners part of THE show. You don’t see that in the way you guys did and I truly feel it’s the personalities that made it what it was. Yes, I said WAS, because I truly feel there will be a big hole. But, it only means another opportunity and chapter in the G-eoff show begins… and I’ll still be flying in trail formation!!

  4. Sam Halen says:

    Geoff its been a pleasure and an honor to work with you ,play with you and be considered as one of your friends. You are a class act and an example of how to handle diversity with style and grace! Others ,and they know who they are ,will miss you on the air and sharing our rides home! Long live the freeway 500 and the rock and roll airforce.Where ever you land I know you will rock and I will always be a phone call if you need a rock radio roadie my frien…thanks for all the great memories and experiences we had together!!!!

  5. geofscott says:

    yeah, I’ll be calling you don’t you worry…. can’t do the 500 without a road crew :P

  6. Roy says:

    Yeah, but if you’re going to go out… may as well go in style!

  7. Lindica says:

    “you DO rock!!! afternoons will not be the same. Geoff Scott you are AMAZING!!! good luck to you man…….”

  8. joe says:

    Good luck out their man. stay in touch.
    Its been a pleasure “working” with you, always a great guy which is hard to find these days.

  9. RockinB says:

    Wow, they got even stupider. Um, yeah… I would have to agree with that, plus you’re going to find something better!


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