Arena-X invades Redmond!

Arena-X Nationals invade REDMOND! Feb 14 & 15.Voice: Scott Heaton. Produced by: Geoff Scott (Air Creative) for Roadnoise Entertainment (Spokane) News21 Zolo-Media KFXO Fox/Bend (OR) & WHR Motorsports (

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We Have Clearence, Clarence!

Honored to be elected to the WASHINGTON PILOT’S ASSOCIATION/SPOKANE Board of Directors… So, we went flying! (of course) Not quite the challenge of  “Contaminated Surfaces” it was blustery cold~gusting to 20kts, and shooting some long approaches to the new extended Runway21 at Geiger.For you NON-pilots, *arf*, the crosswind technique is a delicate balance of slipping into the wind with one wing lower, and ‘kicking’ rudder in the opposite direction to maintain lateral stability as to land with one wheel (upwind) aligned with the runway and then rotation follows through on the roll-out. Let’s just say it’s dance on the feet and a careful ballet of cross-control up above… Kind of like the last time I tried to disco.

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