Spokane Gets Smacked!!!



GODSMACK RECAP: *Phew* finally got the DJ voice back, after an incredible show with GODSMACK sunday night at “the Factory”. It was a lean-mean somewhat stripped down show put pure GodSmack with all the essentials. (see set list below)  Prepared to open for Motley crue the very next day for Cruefest II, it was Sully, Robbie, Tony, and Shannon alone. No “Voodoo-girls”, No Pyros, No 20 minute Sully and Shannon Drum-off, or acoustic interlude. Like a machine, they came out pounding and kept the crowd pushing forward bouncing in a giant unison as if “the factory” floor had giant springs beneath it! Higlights included seeing Sully do the guitar solo (that’s new) and the crowd singing VOODOO so loud nobody noticed that Robbie’s bass had stopped working and he stood on stage pounding it looking at the stage mix crew waiting for them to outfit him with another in mid-song. Instictively, the band played on without seeming to even notice, masterfully Tony adopting the bass-parts betwen his etheral guitar chords (of all songs for this to happen on) to this bass-heavy song! Good job Tony!!! We fealt maybe Robbie wasnt having a good night but we loved him just the same~ the entire band was ontop of their game after too long of an inland-Northwest hiatus.  And the crowd showed it, with a crowd-surfer-to-mosher ratio of about 22:1. We saw some people get lifted forward across the sea of head, and tossed up over the barricades five or six times …and they were coming at a rate of six – ten a minute!  (PHOTOS)



100 YEARS OF MOTORCYCLES: G.A. is ‘the man” on this anual celebration of all things loud and shiney at the fairgrounds, but it’s safe to say the show this year was extra loud and shiney.

First Lady jenn

First Lady jenn

I have some shots i’ll post to my HOTSPOTS gallery later on~ but it was great to see all those bikes and bikers gathered in one location and the local bands, “battle-cage”, booths, the Inland-helicopter specially painted R-44, 100yr biker girls, and all those sweet sweet customs and classics~ I hadn’t planned on going to an exceptionally tight schedual this week (see next post) but was personally invited by “the First lady” Jennifer Scott, and therefore, like being invited to the Royal Tea-Party by the queen- one isnt actually being INVITED… but summonsed, and one must drop whatevere it was they were doing.  So, I arrived shortly after the appointed time and was treated to lunch with the world-famous master-chopper builder MONDO, followed by “some quality time” alone with the queen… I mean the FIRST LADY! woo-hoo!!  (PHOTOS)

THE TORCH: My wife had said “Honey, this is your anniversary gift.. so go have fun at the UH-UH bar.”  Enough said. Carmen, we hope to see you in our Miss Rock-Hard comp later~

Bullride Test pilots

Bullride Test pilots



  1. Whiskey
  2. Faceless
  3. Bad Religion
  4. Straight Outta
  5. Re-align
  6. Awake
  7. Time Bomb
  8. Moonbaby
  9. Enemy
  10. Keep Away (with sully guitar intro)
  11. Speak
  12. Voodoo
  13. Drum Solo
  14. Whatever
  15. encore: Good Times / Bad Times
  16. I Stand Alone

…And the summer’s just begun!  -=GS=-

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Hot & Sticky

That would best describe the feeling… And I’m not JUST talking about seeing LACUNA COIL play the Mosh-pit studios this week;


Lacuna Coil

AND all those Bi-planes at the Great NorthWest Biplane Fly-In this weekend at Felts Feild (Spokane, Wa) I’ve added the PICTURES HERE (on my HOTWINGS site).

There is nothing more romantic than seeing classic airplanes across an old grass strip for as far as the eye can see! Sweet-wings, and great pilots, most of whom flew off at various times up to Deer Park for the landing competition. So it was a morning of non-stop fly-bys and vintage wings. Addison Pemberton got to show off his Stearman, the Speedmail, and even the now-world famous Boeing 40C. He is a very cool guy with obviously WAY TOO MUCH TIME and PARTS on his hands ;P


Then it was off to CARTOYS for the weekend’s giant tent sale in the 95 degree heat~ Where we talked stereo, hung out with all types of Rock listeners, showed off some shiney wheels and then had a surprise visit from non-other than the “Track Offical” of Rock 94&1/2′s FREEWAY500 – Deputy Craig!

Deputy Craig with Geoff Scott heating it up at CRTOYS

(to show us the proper way to fry an egg on a harley seat) Pictures are posted on the GEOFF SCOTT *LIVE ACTION* CAM page from both fun-filled sunny days on our CARTOYS TOUR.

On a personal note: I have been very busy in the production-kitchen, cooking up our GODSMACK weekend for the show warm-up and for thre days you’ll be hearing ALOT of Godsmack and “Smak-Backs” on the air AS WE NEAR SHOWTIME.


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