Back To THE EDGE! (and Beyond)

Thanks to everybody for coming down to THE EDGE Saturday night for “GEOFF SCOTT – SCHOOL OF ROCK”… DID StickMan have what it takes to join the house band??? See for yourself, below: (PICTURES & VIDEO)


  • Check out the VIDEO HERE because… IT ROCKS!!!

From Club EDGE

¬†From “CLUB EDGE: THE ALBUM” (Complete with Bud – Girls, rock-band groupie-chicks high-def lazers, 50,000 watt light show, and smoke pots!) Oh, how I love this place. And, oh yeah ….Your MOM was there~ and she had alot of fun / Especially the 4 Moms’ I danced with, after the drum-solo. Now I finally know how Rod Stewart must feel (and why he comes back to Spokane so much) or even Kasey Kahne~ Mom’s DO ROCK!!!

My Mom likes that song “Play that funky music…”, by the way. But, she wasn’t there. So I’m off to make her day; with Flowers & a Static-X video. Just what she wanted. Happy mothers day, and thanks for putting up with all those drums in your basement for all those years, Ma.I finally found a place to play them… You can have your couch back now, too!


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