The Valley… ROCKS!!!

DATELINE-RAMP;”Northwest radio fixture Geoff Scott has landed (yes, he’s also a pilot) at KOZE Z-ROCK 96.5!

Z-Rock Christmas & a happy new SOCK

“I’m proud to be a part of this place! and I think I may be the station’s first new hire in 10 years, returning to my roots as 20-year Northwest rocker-dude,” says Scott, who is well-known for his decade in the Spokane market working at KHTQ (Rock 94 1/2) and KEZE. “And now I get my weekdays off to go fly airplanes!” says Scott”

(more) “Love the LC Valley, unique terrain, and very interesting listeners~ been coming down here on vacations since ’91 or ’92 (whenever it was they made 195 into a TWO LANE HIGHWAY) and now proud be a part of it’s community & inter-stellar radio line-up!”

UPDATE 12-16-11 After two weeks on-air, we hereby give this place ‘TWO-WINGS’ UP! -=gs=-

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