The Valley… ROCKS!!!

DATELINE-RAMP;”Northwest radio fixture Geoff Scott has landed (yes, he’s also a pilot) at KOZE Z-ROCK 96.5!

Z-Rock Christmas & a happy new SOCK

“I’m proud to be a part of this place! and I think I may be the station’s first new hire in 10 years, returning to my roots as 20-year Northwest rocker-dude,” says Scott, who is well-known for his decade in the Spokane market working at KHTQ (Rock 94 1/2) and KEZE. “And now I get my weekdays off to go fly airplanes!” says Scott”

(more) “Love the LC Valley, unique terrain, and very interesting listeners~ been coming down here on vacations since ’91 or ’92 (whenever it was they made 195 into a TWO LANE HIGHWAY) and now proud be a part of it’s community & inter-stellar radio line-up!”

UPDATE 12-16-11 After two weeks on-air, we hereby give this place ‘TWO-WINGS’ UP! -=gs=-

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Spokaaaaane if ya gottem!

Yes, I am alive & kicking. Life is good; and there has been a TON of listener support and E-mail from y’all wishing me the best and to just keep on truckin’. What a wondrous twenty years (20) rockin’ this town around the FM dial, and I owe it all to YOU. UPDATE POSTED 11-11 SEE *PRESS RELEASE*

currently making room for all 32 giant foam fingers

currently making wall-space 20 giant foam fingers

The key ingredients that have made my stays at 106, 105.7, 107.3, 790, 1060, 1080, 1400, & 94.5 most remarkable, is YOU. You made the show. So Cheers! Looking forward to the eventual ‘big return’ in one form or fashion…. who knows? Only the Shadow.

To commemorate where we’ve been (and perhaps a clue to where we’ll be going), I have saved a little “snapshot” of our times together; ROCK-STARS, INTERVIEWS, ARCHIVES, AND PHOTOS… SEE WHAT A GREAT RIDE IT’S BEEN!


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