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Another MOSH-PIT performance on the way… Last week we had so much fun streaming the “Geoff Scott Live-Action Cam” to the website from the MONSTER JAM, that we’re going to try it again at the MOSH PIT! Following this performance, I’ll begin the edit on any video we get after my airshift, and have it posted over the weekend to the GEOFF SCOTT’S JOCK PAGE first, then the ROCK945.COM website, later. Meanwhile, the LIVE ACTION page will feature Jason Rupinski from DAVID RAGAN race team & BEHIND THE WALL NASCAR shots from Atlanta! ***Check that LIVE CAM page again on Sunday.

Geoff_X-C Wednesday was a GREAT day for flying. Well, maybe not if you were on an airliner, or trying to drive into North Idaho… but, FOR ME; I completed my first NIGHT CROSS-COUNTRY FLIGHT with brave CFI Dave from Spokane Airways! It was to Pullman & back, when some fairly tricky weather and low ceilings rolling in, making this flight one of adventure and experience, more than a joy of flying & sight seeing! A true test to everything I have been learning over the past year plus six weeks of ground-school. My calculations took us exactly where we were supposed to go, all done in COMPLETE darkness over the seemingly never-ending Palouse cloud layre.

GEG21APP Then, back in Spokane, with that 14kt wind cutting across the runway~ it was cross-wind landing opportunity we couldn’t pass up, so I did it …three times. This is where you land on ONE WHEEL until the plane is no longer “flying” on the downwind side and you slowly roll-out back onto all the wheels while maintaining directional stability on the giant tri-cycle. Pretty cool stuff. (but not for the timid or afraid of the dark!)

Due to some recent listener interest in my ongoing flight training, I’ve compiled (or for those who’d like to see some great aerial shots of the area as documented for the AOPA PROJECT:PILOT program) some sister albums: “Flyboy” (phase 1) and “Flyboy-2″ (2nd phase training) on picassa. photo-panelOr ALL photos on THE MAIN PHTOTOS PAGE at GEOFF SCOTT WEBSITE and make sure you FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS!


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