Roger, Roger What’s Our Vector?

A GREAT TIME at the AIR FESTIVAL this year featuring the DC-3 “the airliner that changed aviation” from Historic Flight (PAE) was had by all. Including myself, as host. The P51-D Mustang was a big hit, and the Jumpers from Ritzville kept everyone watching those skies all day wide! in fact the whole crew at Stout Flight Services, LWS ATC (Wendy & everyone up in tower) The EAA, and the Friends of the Airport were ALL such gracious hosts and what an honor to be able to salute our regions veterans like that,  and be able to check out some really cool aircraft

L-C Air Festival 2014 (PT2)

along the way! Hope you had a chance to check that out, the airplanes rides booked up very fast within the first hour or so and they were still doing ‘single seats’ on the R44 when I had to leave at 4:45 to go broadcast from the fair. -=Gs=-

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