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Roger, Roger What’s Our Vector?

A GREAT TIME at the AIR FESTIVAL this year featuring the DC-3 “the airliner that changed aviation” from Historic Flight (PAE) was had by all. Including myself, as host. The P51-D Mustang was a big hit, and the Jumpers from Ritzville kept everyone watching those skies all day wide! in fact the whole crew at Stout Flight Services, LWS ATC (Wendy & everyone up in tower) The EAA, and the Friends of the Airport were ALL such gracious hosts and what an honor to be able to salute our regions veterans like that,  and be able to check out some really cool aircraft

L-C Air Festival 2014 (PT2)

along the way! Hope you had a chance to check that out, the airplanes rides booked up very fast within the first hour or so and they were still doing ‘single seats’ on the R44 when I had to leave at 4:45 to go broadcast from the fair. -=Gs=-

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The Monsters Are Comin!!!

Missoula, (MT) ROOOARS to life with THE MONSTER NATIONALS set to invade the Missoula County Fairgrounds June 6 & 7th! Bigfoot, Wrong-way Rick, Obsession, Nick Dunne of Metal Malisha and more!!! for information, or for tickets…

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‘The Seventeen’

AIR CREATIVE teams up with THE COMMEMORATIVE AIR FORCE & LC Valley’s FRIENDS OF THE AIRPORT to document one of the last flying B-17 ‘Fortresses’.. A beautiful bird, and flying true testimonial to the men who flew them. Filmed over the gorgeous interior Northwest right between Idaho & Montana. What a truly memorable ride and life changing look inside the lives of the crews that flew them. Special thanks to the Airport Authority and Ralph & Paula Stout for helping to make it happen. If you ever get a chance to step inside, take it! The whole crew at the C.A.F. are just an incredible team & Foundation. Thank you, Veterans!

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Show Your Love~ Thank A Veteran!

In honor of Vets in and throughout the Inland NorthWest & LC Valley, we salute YOU.

Near Medical Lake, WA

read more at… “Left with a smile, a mile-wide…”

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What Station Is That?

Honored to have been nominated “Best In The Business” by industry giants AV-DELI!

Welcome to the lab.

Welcome to the lab.

Representing over 50 markets & seven countries, in this yearly compilation we hear some of the greatest Production/Imaging people in THE WORLD. These, the artists that color “the sounds you hear”, create the flavor of your favorite shows; bring life to disembodied words branding attitude, putting personality to the intangible, and leave a memorable impression that jumps at you from your radio.

Known simply in the trade as “the missing link”, these master designers live by one simple rule: A station (on a crowded dial) without identity, is just a number~ without a face.

Check ‘em out:
AV-DELI “Best Of The Biz” Compilation; 2009
(CD ships worldwide to programmers in November)
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They Came To Play



Spokane’s freshest rock, for two fun-filled days at CLUB-EDGE this weekend! It was the BATTLE OF THE BANDS; Six of the area’s finest (plus BUTT UGLY, the official “battle opening band”) taking stage for solid guitar-fury, screamin’ leads & enthusiastic audience appeal! All competing for their chance to score prime-opening slot for nationally touring ROYAL BLISS (Club Edge; 11-13)

A big thanks to ALL the bands, none of them ‘sucked’ and that made it hard; The judges definitely had their work cut out, weighing each band’s own strength and weakness, and the crowd had their favorites, too!

L S Diablo wins "the battle"

L S Diablo wins "the battle"


#1. L S DIABLO  …Will be opening for ROYAL BLISS on 11-13!!!



Honorable mentions to BUMP DOOSIE, CRIMSON RESOLVE, and LEVEL ZERO for awesome sets. Everyone came to rock the place, and I would have been happy to have any one of theses bands opening for a number of shows…

Runners' up / VANGAURD

Runners' up / VANGAURD



NEXT UP: SUPERSUCKERS @ CLUB-EDGE (SPRAGUE & VISTA) THIS FRIDAY NIGHT, 10-30. I remember watching these all-star punkin’ rock-a-billy blues-dudes opening for FOO FIGHTERS, in San Fran about 15 years ago at the legendary Fillmore and the SMOKED THE NIGHT… Don’t miss this show! LO-DOUGH and good to go, we’ll see you Friday night.

Want to thank ROYAL BLISS for an awesome show at CLUB-EDGE! …You want some pictures?100_1110100_1012100_1073100_1029

Royal Bliss pics are here!

Playing to a “private party” of Rock listeners who braved the November weather to Rock the night away, we enjoyed opening acts; 33, Character Flaw, and L.S.Di-ablo (Winners of the “battle Of the Bands” two weeks ago, seen below) There were also many “Cameo” appearences by Tanzi and a few of the RACKTOBER CALANDER GIRLS 100_1039sharing stage with GEOFF SCOTT as MC’s for the evening. It was a great night of solid wall-to-wall rockin’ and excitement! ROYAL BLISS performed a full set and then asked everybody if they minded if they played a few new songs (Not always a good idea, but this night, the crowd seemed genuinely receptive in the notion) it was good to hear a fresh set.

They also had a NEW CD in tow “STUDIO A” (that isn’t going to be officially released until next week) found one at the merch stand, and bought it, then I turned around to see Taylor standing there “Congratulations, you just bought the VERY FIRST copy of our new CD!” *Bonus prize* it was then promptly whisked backstage to be signed by the entire band. Kewl Beans!

PS: Chris, love the “Dudley Doo-right” you should keep it, bro.

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Power Windows (95)

America… LOOK OUT!  The year was 1995, and I had been working at a station in town doing the Local Music Show… from my Mom’s basement every week. The program lasted for 5 YEARS (A record for local Rock radio at the time) sometimes shipping them in from Oregon or Seattle – or Canadia just to play their CD and sit on “the couch” and hang out in the theme of a giant backstage party. We had great names and big stars and little bands and unknown stars. Artists like Peter Cornell (Chris’s brother), Supersonic Soul Pimps, Civilized Animal, and Myles Kennedy (remember Citizen Swing & Mayfield Four?) … all “cut their rug” with us and occasionally treated you to live sets while Mom & Floyd would come down and serve us hot chowder and try not to complain about the smoke pots too much…

The ORIGINAL "Basement" set

The ORIGINAL "Basement" set

I bring you this little “Flashback”, because: Today, the GEOFF SCOTT WEBSITE turns 14 years old! Born out of necessity (the mother of local-rock invention, like duct tape) as a way to post clips, photos and links to bands we were talking to each Sunday night  and every show. (that stations website never changed in the 5 years we ran this thing) But for ME… “if it’s on the air, you’ll find it there” has always been the key.

The website, in it’s original form, was housed on AOL Hometown and therefore was afforded just FIVE MEASLY MEGABYTES of internet world. We rotated graphics, made a little “chat” blog, and posted very tiny clips and announcements based on the current show and next week’s shows, etc. I even, for a time, produced a “streaming” video content that was actually (I can tell you now) nothing more than a series of .GIF images I shot while recording the show, and then constantly updated to the Hometown server at just the right time… as it played back on-air. But then there was this 4 track Akai Reel To Reel I to tow with me everywhere I went (including the station)

Rock 106 & a YES t-shirt... ahh good times!

Rock 106 & a YES t-shirt... ahh good times!

Now…  sure have come a long way together since the old days of my first Windows 95 computer (75 MHZ, 697MB hard-drive, 8mb of RAM= $3,000) and My mom’s old Apple2 on the dining room table back in Junior High; the “Commodore-64 Kids” could only gawk at.

after 20 years Rocking this place and decades more… to come


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High In The Sky (the sequel)

Do you remember Becky “I promise not to scream…EEEEEEk?!?

Becky and Joe

Becky and Joe

of our ‘HIGH IN THE SKY‘ let’s-learn-to-fly-heli’s video series from last summer? (See the VIDEO HERE) Well, her &  Joe, “PhunBobby”, and I ~ went up in the Spokane Airways 172 for quite the little flight-reunion of sorts. I had recently gotten licensed and Becky was there through proxy, curious and learning right along… Call it “the big get-even” I guess, as she was the one to embarrass me in front of all the rock listeners when we found out I could fly an airplane solo to Missoula no problem, but when it came to hovering a helicopter; I could barely keep us from dancing an aerobatic slow-waltz for more than a minute or so. :P

Safety is #1 on the list. So, when i felt the 30mph gusts buffeting my car ~ I wasn’t even sure we’d be removing the tie-downs, let alone piling four people into the 1500lb aircraft and departing for the hazy azure colored smoke-filled sky.

captain Gee-off

captain Gee-off

Luckily, we had some weather smarts, planning this venture for later in the day, giving mother nature a chance to relax… As the Pilot-In-Command,  passenger comfort is #2 on that list. My instructor, Dave Du4,  just happened to be working this day, and happily looked over my paperwork. The biggest concern; besides the winds, were the four passengers in our 4-seat plane.  What if someone had “fudged” their weight a few pounds? Or had a 60lb camera? Dave made sure I knew the density altitude of our 2,475′ above-sea-level airport that day was 5,600′ and the Runway only 6,400′ long.

Spokane International

Spokane International

So, I added a “fudge” factor, determining we may be as little as 30lbs of max. So~ we removed some fuel. Now I had 80lbs to “play with”. Dave was satisfied with this, giving “thumbs-up” as we all slithered onto the 109-degree tarmac for pre-flight.

Hot, isn’t the word- It was a freakin’ oven in that plane, with one window~ about the size of a microwave.  I warned about “the bumps” assuring them we’d return shortly if things weren’t comfortable. We’d also scrapped plans for “touch & goes” at Deer Park simply not enough runway available, and instead, fly for “pleasure” over lake Coeur D’Alene.

Looking below it seemed everybody was out that evening! From numerous boats (looking like white caps on the lake), to the sold-out game at Avista stadium, races at Stateline & Spokane speedways,

'Lake City' ...invaded by tents

'Lake City' ...invaded by tents

to the small “tent-city”  on Sherman Ave “Art On The Green”… (PICS POSTED IN ‘FLYBOY2′ ALBUM)

the 'after' shot ~ no puke stains, see?

no puke stains, see?

Returning, we found the “big airport” through the haze of some thick BC Forrest-fire smoke, made a rather UN-eventful 12kt crosswind landing, commented to the ground-crew how we never did find any of those ’727 shaking’ bumps reported; Just happiness, smooth air, and the most beautiful summer’s sky one could hope to fly. “Go see Dave”, I said, and “get those wings, Becky!” …when she finished screaming, that is…  in pure delight of flight.


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Fight Cabin Fever!

This week Sno-Meggedon (sm) SEEMS to have taken a breather, so; Here are some simple diversions to help you stave off cabin fever for yet another week, and gets me caught up alittle:Shock2009finalists

  1. Spokane Shock Dance finals … see who competed, and get the “full report” with photos, ofocarse! Thanks for attending this record event.
  2. 2008 WEATHER YEAR-IN-REVIEW… I was right about the Tornadoes, (this year will be a hurricane year, unfortunately) Wrong about California’s “first Typhoon” (but it was close) and global warming continues.. just NOT here.Tornadoes-2008
  3. HELL’S BELLE’S pics are FINALLY posted on the website!
  4. My latest video project, the 2009 WA STATE PILOT’S video has finaly been approved and posted on my personal videos page. Enjoy! *and think about the wonderful year of flying it took to make that with those awesome local pilots.

Disclamier: I , on the other hand, am just a student pilot and am NOT a certificated forecaster nor climatoligist. I study trends and observe long range patterns as a hobby. Do NOT take my word as any “official” prediction. Just a “gentleman’s handshake” and, just co-incedentally have a fairly good track record. **Always check with NOAA, the National Weather Service or other offical source for official climate data and resources.


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