The Park… ROCKED!

Posted on August 25, 2008 | Posted by Geoff Scott

What an awesome cap-off to the ROCK HARD SUMMER of 2008! Rock Hard at the Park, drew an excellent crowd and the bands were all top form and ready to rock… HARD! How many “Festivals” have you been to, first of all, where ALL the bands showed up? He he.

Thanks to everyone for coming (that’s you!) and to our incredible line-up of bands, anyone of which, ALONE, I would have gladly paid $40 to go to see headlining the show. But here we got them all together for one incredible night of solid stage to stage action-packed excitement that never saw a break in the action. You didn’t want to leave your space on the grass for an instant, to get a drink, or even go to the bathroom, in the fear you’d miss something! Yes it was THAT good.

Behind the scenes, just so you know~ the F-N-G worked his F-N-Tail off, to mkake this show happen and so he deserves (along with Mark at Knitting Factory) all the cudos for making such a memorable night for everyone. We had so much fun on the air leading up to the show with SEVENDUST who gave us a special treat in the studio with two rare acoustic performances (Sorry our “Bikini Island” parking lot wasn’t big enough for your limo) The guys were packed into the studio so tight we could barely get JP in there to shoot THESE PHOTOS FOR YOU. I’m going to get the interview posted to ROCK945.COM in the next few days but it’s fairly long and needs to be broken up into segments… Morgan, I have not forgot about the tapes from when you guys came and DJ’d last time, I’ll be sending those off shortly as well.

In This Moment Rock 94 Studios

In This Moment was a delectable surprise, I had heard from Krazy Aunt Karla’s THE PIT interviews how nice she was and it turned out that was no “Put on” she is 100% as were the rest of the band. Special thanks also to Chris, Jesse and Maria whom I got to spend some quality time with not only in the Rock studios but also backstage at the event! She gave me a big hug after their set, so I think everybody was happy with things. If you get a chance sometime, DO check out her INKED magazine interview she has quite a story to tell and you’ll see why DREAMS is a fairly apropos title for the bands new CD. Thanks for the strength, Maria, and may your DREAMS continue to come true. I have posted my own set of full-sized photos from I.T.M. on my HOT ROCKS pages for you.

And I could go on all day about how tight Seether was, and Hurt’s steaming set, and how impressed I am with Morgan’s drumming in Sevendust…But I think I’ll just have to save it for the radio show~ because it’s time to go…THANK YOU SPOKANE (and Post Falls!) for making us your BEST ROCK for a decade and the only station able to pull off such a top notch event.

    We couldn’t have done any of this, without your continued support



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  1. PhunBobby says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just wanted to say that for the show you guys put on Friday!! I would not have been able to make that show had I not won tickets on your show. I don’t get to very many shows but that had to be close to the top for me… probably #2 behind Metallica !! Have to say a Kick Ass time!!! I really dug Sick Puppies (I love a group that can wail with a great sound using minimum members) and have been checking out In This Moment… Damn Maria is HOT!!! (and yes, I’m jealous of you getting to hang with her) Of course I knew Sevendust and Seether would be amazing and was not disappointed… the whole lineup truly ROCKED HARD!!!

    And a shout out to the folks I met in the crowd… A.COCHran, TLC, DribbleButt and crew (I know I’m missing a couple of others) we had a lot of Phun!!

    Anyways… thanks again, it was an absolute blast!!

    Rock 94.5 is THE best!


  2. Geoff Scott says:

    Hey Bob, that was just the FIRST ten years! We are not done yet…

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