Eyes Of A Soldier – Queensryche:Returns!

Posted on March 7, 2009 | Posted by Geoff Scott

This just in:

QUEENSRYCHE / GEOFF TATE stops by the Friday Flamethrower to WORLD PREMIER the new disc ‘American Soldier‘ exclusively on Spokane’s Best Rock, and talks about the making of this heart-felt tribute to Americas War Veterans. Interspersed with commentary gathered while speaking one on one with hundreds of GI’s the music speaks these words that are too deep for many to express. Geoff Tate discovers an inner respect and deeper gratitude for the men & women of our nation’s armed forces.

Oh yeah, and IT ROCKS!!! The interview is posted on THE FREEWAY500 AUDIO page while our webmaster recuperates… and our thanks to Geoff for stopping by to play it for us! DJ Note: a THIRD segment was taped during the songs and will be run on the FREEWAY500 at a future time. So, stay tuned~ there’s MORE!


* Special thanks to SUSAN for letting us borrow HER copy of the disc to play for you, while it was still dripping wet. :P


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