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OK, take a deep breath. Because, I’ve got enough here to keep you from sleeping for nights on end! Group hug, first;
grope-hug Aw that’s better…CANDLEBOX ROXX, I think we all know that. But it was ROYAL BLISS I was most eagerly awaiting to see~ after such an incredible MOSH-PIT PERFORMANCE just a few months ago. I had been wondering how they’d be LIVE. And, we were NOT dissapointed.
Royal Bliss - SpokaneJet Black SmilesBlissed again

JET BLACK STARE, as well, lit up the night and there were many surprised faces in the crowd who apparently had not seen their IN-STUDIO JAM from last time they were in town. (or they would have known what to expect!)

So, by overwhelming popular demand, and for those people, HERE THEY ARE:

Friday night, ALSO an excellent kick-off to 1st weekend of spring~ We had “the fever”, BAD… Opening the brand new CLUB EDGE on Sprague & Vista with THE BUD GIRLS, MISS RACKTOBER, and even STICKMAN turned out for this Grand Innaugeration. Thanks to EVERYONE who came to party, we had a great time! STICKMAN promises to JAM again wherever BUD GIRLS & MISS RACKTOBER hang out, count him in!
Live-action camMiss Racktober 2009Stickspeak

  • SEE THE EDGE PICTURES HERE! (mostly safe-for-work)
  • HEAR STICKMAN’S JAM HERE (definately NOT-S.F.W.)

Welcome to spring everyone, we’re off to a great start- and that concert calendar is only getting longer…


Just like STICKMAN’s drumsticks.


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