Life Without Gunners

Posted on April 22, 2009 | Posted by Geoff Scott

Great interview and special thanks to MATT SORUM for introducing us to DRIVE-A a great rocking band of young fledglings with some pretty agressive chops; Matt produced two of the songs on the CD and also took some time out to update us on VELVET REVOLVER, CAMP FREDDY,  Drumming for PERRY FARRELL’S brithday party, getting to play with OZZY (a life long dream) and why Guitar Hero is big enough to cause AEROSMITH to go back into the studio to RE-record some of heir all-time classics! Writing a game’s alot more work than we thought. MYLES KENNEDY is mentioned as well, and, why MATT SORRUM prbably won’t be rushing out to buy his tickets for this summer’s G&R tour…


Ah… Life is good!!!


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