ROCK HARD Summer Kick-Off

Posted on June 3, 2008 | Posted by Geoff Scott

WOW… just got back from RUSH (the band) at The Gorge, and man o’ man what a freakin’ ride! Yeah, the concert was good, the Drum Solo was the best I had seen him play in 10 years or more, there were a lot of those classic Rush tunes, and the new stuff definitely ROCKS live. It was also great to see that Bob & Doug McKenzie are still around, and all the video shorts were VERY funny (What’s that smell?) including seeing Geddy waking up dreaming about Alex waking up dreaming about Snakes …”Gee, honey…who would dream about snakes? That’s creepy!”. Then “honey” wakes up and it’s actually NEIL , and they both scream in terror as the show kicks off.

But the COOLEST part for me was that we tried a new way to GET to the Gorge this time… we FLEW in a small airplane piloted by AOPA “Project Pilot” mentor Blake McKinnley, and this turned out to be a MAJOR time saver, if not, a lot of fun! Sure there were “air pockets” and the lengthy pre-flight, and then having to have someone (John) come pick up at the airport once they find it (2hrs) and the fact you have to have $200,000 for an airplane and $250 for the Av-Gas and the weather has be just “so” …But STILL.

Pictures from our journey:

“It’s $200 in Av-Gas and 1:40 in flyin’ time, or $70 in diesel and 7 hours drivin’ time… what is your time worth?” In the words of our great pilot extrodinaire Blake. Thanks RUSH, and good luck on the rest of the tour, wich left us all wanting more and wiping the “Chicken” from our faces.

More of the RUSH highlights at Fan-site POWERWINDOWS.


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