Hell’s Belle’s Kicked-Butt at Factory

Posted on December 15, 2008 | Posted by Geoff Scott

“The Belle’s” were ontop of their game last night, crowd very appreciative. Good job! Bought three shirts. Our 5-year-old’s FIRST concert she was thrashing and head banging and playing air guitar and throwing herself into other people in the section. It was hilarious and very cute. Congrats to the BELLE’S GUITAR WINNER Virgil Aden, who donated a TOY 4 TOTS, and wound up needing to buy some guitar lessons for his kid on Christmas!

Backstage at THE FACTORY with the Belle’s

Wife overheard two women in the ladies room talking about how it was “OK” to bring their families next year. Jamie Nova is great with the kids, and adults, alike, while it is hard to keep your eyes off Adriane / “Angus” (where does she get all that energy from? Isn’t she sore the next morning???). Rhythms were solid and band tight and the sound was good seemed like everyone knew every song and were screaming along: Hope y’all enjoyed the show as much as we did, good to see them again ~ keep rockin~ Now you know why we always have to park 5 blocks away on the night of a Hell’s Belle’s show… glad they escaped the snowfall… more pictures coming; watch THIS space!


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