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Posted on January 5, 2009 | Posted by Geoff Scott

My advanced meteorologist-mentor friend, former Boston-TV weather-god, and original Naval/Major university climatologic professor extraordinaire’

the guy who taught me everything I know about weather~ Bruce Schwoegler, (now of has sent me a special weather statement that reads “…build an ark/ice boat…


we are in for 40 days and 40 nights of this stuff…after a break Fri-Sat, it’s right back onto the party-train of ocean storms, and it’s not going to change anytime soon”.

Is that 40 MORE days/nights? Or a grand total OF???

According to our calculations, since this weather started on 12/17/08, we now have only 21 days left of Snow-meggeddon. Or…. it could be time for seeking out the prime camping spots on the legendary mythical Glacial Lake Missoula! Would they show Laser cartoons on the giant Glacier-Dam ?

It is, in the grand scheme: glacial cycle year 15,003 with 3,000 years of Ice next in the cycle using simple mathmatics:

CDA-Snowfall I’ve been posting a TON of shots for our grandchildren’s illegitimate grandchildren on the FACEBOOK pages: “The Removal” & “Day-18” with MORE to come, I’m sure!

Even people in Buffalo are saying ‘Wo, man… that’s CRAZY!’ SO, enjoy the melt-off while it lasts this weekend, never mind the snow shovels at the Home-Mart being sold-out, it’s the wood and paddles I’ll be hoarding~ Luckily for me, in a pinch, Racktober girls may be used as a personal floatation device if needed.


Why should we listen to Bruce?


BruceCo-founder and Chief Technology Officer of, Bruce was the top rated Chief Meteorologist and science reporter for Boston’s NBC and CBS Television and is one of the longer tenured newscasters in Boston broadcasting history. He won New England’s first Emmy Award for Outstanding Meteorologist and is the recipient of numerous honors including the prestigious Ohio State Award for a prime time special on the Greenhouse Effect. The AMS, American Meteorological Society, has cited him with their National Outstanding Broadcast Meteorologist Service Award.

Prior to broadcasting, Schwoegler was a U.S. Naval Lieutenant working in meteorology and oceanography in Alaska, the North Pacific, Florida and the Caribbean. His tropical duties included storm modification research with the “Hurricane Hunters”. He holds a BS degree with a double major in meteorology and naval science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and participated in Badger football.

McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, New York, published Weather and Energy, Schwoegler’s first book. It received accolades for excellence in energy education. He has also written extensively for the print media. Three years as an environmental columnist at United Press International were followed by a decade at a similar post for The Associated Press. His syndicated cartoon/column, “Weatherwise and Otherwhys” has been printed throughout the world.

At Boston University, Professor Schwoegler assisted in the creation of school science curricula. He has also served on the AMS Board of School and Popular Meteorological and Oceanographic Education. Boston’s Museum of Science nominated him to a six-year term on their Board of Overseers. Bruce has presented numerous environmental programs there, at Harvard University and at regional elementary and secondary schools. He created and presented Boston’s first inner-city youth science summer series and is currently developing unique environmental education initiatives with Plants Across Communities, a green building focused company.

He has also performed several times with the Boston POPS Orchestra, Wellesley’s Symphony Orchestra and the Civic Symphony Orchestra. Other noteworthy appearances include NBC’s Today Show and CNN Network News.

Schwoegler, the ambassador and spokesperson for the Massachusetts Environmental Trust, has been a consultant to the National Geographic Society, Weather Services Corporation, Thermo Electron Corp. and Weather Services International. Bruce has also collaborated with various environmental groups due to his long-term familiarity with major issues such as acid rain. He was the nation’s first broadcaster to cover that dilemma. He is also an investigator with the RIMES project, an international scientific group researching environmental impacts of the Soufriere Hills Volcano on the Caribbean island of Montserrat and nearby environs.

And…. he’s pretty dang cool.

Disclamier: I , on the other hand, am just a student pilot and am NOT a certificated forecaster nor climatoligist. I study trends and observe long range patterns as a hobby. Do NOT take my word as any “official” prediction. Just a “gentleman’s handshake” and, just co-incedentally have a fairly good track record. **Always check with NOAA, the National Weather Service or other offical source for official climate data and resources.

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