Fight Cabin Fever!

Posted on January 15, 2009 | Posted by Geoff Scott

This week Sno-Meggedon (sm) SEEMS to have taken a breather, so; Here are some simple diversions to help you stave off cabin fever for yet another week, and gets me caught up alittle:Shock2009finalists

  1. Spokane Shock Dance finals … see who competed, and get the “full report” with photos, ofocarse! Thanks for attending this record event.
  2. 2008 WEATHER YEAR-IN-REVIEW… I was right about the Tornadoes, (this year will be a hurricane year, unfortunately) Wrong about California’s “first Typhoon” (but it was close) and global warming continues.. just NOT here.Tornadoes-2008
  3. HELL’S BELLE’S pics are FINALLY posted on the website!
  4. My latest video project, the 2009 WA STATE PILOT’S video has finaly been approved and posted on my personal videos page. Enjoy! *and think about the wonderful year of flying it took to make that with those awesome local pilots.

Disclamier: I , on the other hand, am just a student pilot and am NOT a certificated forecaster nor climatoligist. I study trends and observe long range patterns as a hobby. Do NOT take my word as any “official” prediction. Just a “gentleman’s handshake” and, just co-incedentally have a fairly good track record. **Always check with NOAA, the National Weather Service or other offical source for official climate data and resources.


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