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What’s the Weather?

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We’ve Moved!

Chasing a bigger sky. That’s all.

Love the LC Valley and 25yrs the Pacific Northwest (ROCK106, THE PEAK, ROCK 94&1/2 PEEPS)~ CRANK IT UP Flathead! Stream on by, sometime.

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Roger, Roger What’s Our Vector?

A GREAT TIME at the AIR FESTIVAL this year featuring the DC-3 “the airliner that changed aviation” from Historic Flight (PAE) was had by all. Including myself, as host. The P51-D Mustang was a big hit, and the Jumpers from Ritzville kept everyone watching those skies all day wide! in fact the whole crew at Stout Flight Services, LWS ATC (Wendy & everyone up in tower) The EAA, and the Friends of the Airport were ALL such gracious hosts and what an honor to be able to salute our regions veterans like that,  and be able to check out some really cool aircraft

L-C Air Festival 2014 (PT2)

along the way! Hope you had a chance to check that out, the airplanes rides booked up very fast within the first hour or so and they were still doing ‘single seats’ on the R44 when I had to leave at 4:45 to go broadcast from the fair. But we can save that for another podcast.

L-C Air Festival 2014 (PT1)


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The Monsters Are Comin!!!

Missoula, (MT) ROOOARS to life with THE MONSTER NATIONALS set to invade the Missoula County Fairgrounds June 6 & 7th! Bigfoot, Wrong-way Rick, Obsession, Nick Dunne of Metal Malisha and more!!! for information, or for tickets…

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Arena-X invades Redmond!

Arena-X Nationals invade REDMOND! Feb 14 & 15.Voice: Scott Heaton. Produced by: Geoff Scott (Air Creative) for Roadnoise Entertainment (Spokane) News21 Zolo-Media KFXO Fox/Bend (OR) & WHR Motorsports (

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‘The Seventeen’

AIR CREATIVE teams up with THE COMMEMORATIVE AIR FORCE & LC Valley’s FRIENDS OF THE AIRPORT to document one of the last flying B-17 ‘Fortresses’.. A beautiful bird, and flying true testimonial to the men who flew them. Filmed over the gorgeous interior Northwest right between Idaho & Montana. What a truly memorable ride and life changing look inside the lives of the crews that flew them. Special thanks to the Airport Authority and Ralph & Paula Stout for helping to make it happen. If you ever get a chance to step inside, take it! The whole crew at the C.A.F. are just an incredible team & Foundation. Thank you, Veterans!


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AIR CREATIVE Production Services

Where POST-Production… Is just the beginning

Digital Production-Imaging Studios

Geoff Scott-Adobe Certified, Production Engineer, FM Air-Talent.
Audio/Video Services: Digital Studios, DV Cam, Live & Remote, Post-Production.

World Wide Production/Delivery (ISDN/e-mail/ftp/CD/DVD)

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The Valley… ROCKS!!!

DATELINE-RAMP;”Northwest radio fixture Geoff Scott has landed (yes, he’s also a pilot) at KOZE Z-ROCK 96.5!

Z-Rock Christmas & a happy new SOCK

“I’m proud to be a part of this place! and I think I may be the station’s first new hire in 10 years, returning to my roots as 20-year Northwest rocker-dude,” says Scott, who is well-known for his decade in the Spokane market working at KHTQ (Rock 94 1/2) and KEZE. “And now I get my weekdays off to go fly airplanes!” says Scott”

(more) “Love the LC Valley, unique terrain, and very interesting listeners~ been coming down here on vacations since ’91 or ’92 (whenever it was they made 195 into a TWO LANE HIGHWAY) and now proud be a part of it’s community & inter-stellar radio line-up!”

UPDATE 12-16-11 After two weeks on-air, we hereby give this place ‘TWO-WINGS’ UP! -=gs=-

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Show Your Love~ Thank A Veteran!

In honor of Vets in and throughout the Inland NorthWest & LC Valley, we salute YOU.

Near Medical Lake, WA

read more at… “Left with a smile, a mile-wide…”

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