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Honored to have been nominated “Best In The Business” by industry giants AV-DELI!

Welcome to the lab.

Welcome to the lab.

Representing over 50 markets & seven countries, in this yearly compilation we hear some of the greatest Production/Imaging people in THE WORLD. These, the artists that color “the sounds you hear”, create the flavor of your favorite shows; bring life to disembodied words branding attitude, putting personality to the intangible, and leave a memorable impression that jumps at you from your radio.

Known simply in the trade as “the missing link”, these master designers live by one simple rule: A station (on a crowded dial) without identity, is just a number~ without a face.

Check ‘em out:
AV-DELI “Best Of The Biz” Compilation; 2009
(CD ships worldwide to programmers in November)
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Spokaaaaane if ya gottem!

Yes, I am alive & kicking. Life is good; and there has been a TON of listener support and E-mail from y’all wishing me the best and to just keep on truckin’. What a wondrous twenty years (20) rockin’ this town around the FM dial, and I owe it all to YOU. UPDATE POSTED 11-11 SEE *PRESS RELEASE*

currently making room for all 32 giant foam fingers

currently making wall-space 20 giant foam fingers

The key ingredients that have made my stays at 106, 105.7, 107.3, 790, 1060, 1080, 1400, & 94.5 most remarkable, is YOU. You made the show. So Cheers! Looking forward to the eventual ‘big return’ in one form or fashion…. who knows? Only the Shadow.

To commemorate where we’ve been (and perhaps a clue to where we’ll be going), I have saved a little “snapshot” of our times together; ROCK-STARS, INTERVIEWS, ARCHIVES, AND PHOTOS… SEE WHAT A GREAT RIDE IT’S BEEN!


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Homecoming Weekend

A BIG “SHOUT OUT” to the vets, the V.A., the Air Force (Fairchild Volunteers) and WPA for an awesome turnout and the largest Foliage Flight in the 19 years Washington Pilots have been doing this incredibly heartfelt event. ( …If you’d like to follow along, see album posted here)… Absolutely LOVE working with the Vets, The Air Force People and the fellow Washingtonian-State Pilots on this event every year.

Down for the count

Down for the count

Then it was off for some well deserved R&R with those fun-loving hotties at THE TORCH. Always a lot of fun in the Lake City; Bikini Bull Riding, Bikini Ice Shots, Bikini Racktober Parties, or, in this case~

Put up yer daisy dukes

Put up yer daisy dukes


(seen here in THE TORCH album)  this would wind up being my last LIVE broadcast for a while, but *hey* it was worth it, and it was great to see our old “Bikini Stubble” winner again. TAKE IT TO THE RING, CARMINE!!!

she'd kick your ass

she'd kick your ass

She is going to RACK IT UP for another crack at the RACKTOBER calander and I would hope for a year of whatever month she lands upon. That’s MY vote!

What month would YOU be? …I’m still kinda partial to Bunny Month ~ but am willing to negotiate. OW* stop hitting me!


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